Dr. Murrin Pays a Visit to the Zoo

Dr. Murrin Provides Dental Care to Jomo, Ginger, and Bubba at the Columbus Zoo

Dr Gwen Myers (DVM), Associate Veterinarian, examines Jomo the gorilla prior to intubation.
Close up of Jomo's massive dentition before intubation.
Dr. Murrin initiates endodontic treatment of three teeth (two fractured maxillary incisors and one mandibular cuspid)
Katie assists Dr. Murrin as root canal shaping and cleaning progresses.
Dr. Murrin seals the canal of the lower cuspid using the latest endodontic sealant technology: the Calamus Obturation Delivery Device.
Etching and sealing the access cavity
Veterinarian Mike Barrie and Veterinary Resident Andrea Goodnight (in green jerseys) prepare Jomo for safe transfer to his permanent home at the Cincinnati Zoo
Ginger (grizzly bear) poses in her habitat at the Columbus Zoo
Dr Gwen Myers and Dr. Mike Barrie intubate Ginger before an endodontic (root canal) procedure.
Dr Murrin initiates the root canal procedure in Ginger's lower canine tooth.
Heather assists Dr. Murrin bond a composite resin in Ginger's tooth
Bubba (750 pound black bear) is readied for anesthesia after being sedated.
Heather and Dr. Murrin start the root canal procedure in Bubba's canine tooth.
Dr. Murrin examines Bubba's tooth with a dental mirror before sealing the root canal.
Heather, Katie, and Dr. Murrin with Bubba.