COVID-19 Response

Welcome to our practice! Thank you for choosing Upper Arlington Endodontics office for your endodontic needs. While we have always been deeply committed to our patients’ comfort and dental health, we are no different in our approach to prioritizing health and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. At our office, we take the risk of COVID-19 very seriously.

To dramatically reduce the risks presented in dental procedures to patients and staff, we have adopted a robust, multilayered defense, far exceeding CDC and ADA standards:

  1. Over 5000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of HEPA air filtration turns over the air throughout the office about every 3 minutes, exceeding operating room standards in hospitals.
  2. Masks are worn at all times by staff and patients for source control, except during treatment.
  3. During treatment, intraoral and high capacity, 700 cfm extraoral suction with ULPA air filtration dramatically reduce circulating aerosols at the source.
  4. The use of a preoperative antiviral rinse, the application of a dental dam and Oraseal caulk to isolate the tooth, and direct antiviral treatment of the affected tooth further reduce risk.
  5. Our waiting room capacity is limited and spacing of appointments has been increased.
  6. All operatory surfaces are thoroughly sprayed down with hypochlorous acid or wiped with EPA List N disinfectants.
  7. Strict hand hygiene is observed.
  8. Screening of symptoms and temperature checks for all patients and staff.
  9. Our doctors and clinical staff wear the highest level of respiratory protection (N95 or greater) and full body suits and gowns to protect themselves and future patients.

Please let us know of any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding our infection control protocol. The health and safety of our patients and staff is our primary concern!

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